DIY Rega arm conversion kits

A version of the Audiomods micrometer vta arm specially built to mount directly onto the Technics SL1210 turntable.

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"Knowing what I know about the Audiomods conversion, and what I generally know about the SL1200 I contend that someone in the $1200 price range for a new turntable (not including the cartridge) would be hard pressed to better the SL1200/AudioMods combo."

This arm has all of the build features of the Rega-based Audiomods micrometer arm with the addition of a dedicated fit for the Technics 1200/1210 turntables. The arm, micrometer vta and Technics adapter plate are built as a single drop-in unit.

Normally supplied with stainless steel counterweight and stub, polished brass can be specified as an option.

Wired with pure silver 7-strand litz wire and Michell cartridge tags in a choice of terminations

Full details and an explanation of the design theory here:
Design philosophy



If your choice is the non-micrometer version of the arm, then no special changes are necessary. Just mount it using an adapter plate for Rega arms.


Technics Micrometer arm, Series Five 

Silver internal wiring, 5-pin Cardas connector


Continuous silver wired loom and interconnect (0.9m)

Special order fully polished finish in place of matt. £35
Gold plated counterweights and accents £00
Eichmann solid silver bullet RCAs £46

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to have an arm custom built to your specification. We can discuss your exact needs before confirming your order.



Delivery charge: UK £12, Europe £18, Rest of the World £28

Payment: by Paypal, sterling cheque or credit/debit card when the arm is ready to ship. No deposit needed. Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

For sales outside UK end the EU, local taxes or customs duties may apply on import.

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