DIY Rega arm conversion kits

KitII builds an arm identical to the Classic II and contains everything needed to complete the arm except wiring.

Kit contents

Base assembly
Complete base with arm yoke etc,
ready assembed
Vertical bearing assembly
Bearing carrier, bearings, bearing shaft, bearing
caps, counterweight shaft, counterweight shaft
Counterweight assembly
Counterweight (heavy), fine adjustment weight
Extra counterweight fill disc
Long/short counterweight screws
Antiskate quadrant assembly
Antiskate quadrant, antiskate weight, antiskate
Antiskate arm
Antiskate arm, antiskate screw, washers
Arm tube bracing discs (2)
Wiring plug lock screw
Base lock ring
Rega arm lift and spacer
Alloy arm rest
Rega 303/330 arm tube
Spare parts
Wiring accessory pack


arm kit

Arm kit II

A high-end tonearm in a DIY packag
Not a conversion but a built-from-scratch new arm.
The arm kit has the design features and components of our finished arms, including the ceramic bearings and contrained-layer counterweight in a DIY package.

Kit II builds an arm identical to the latest Classic II arm and features a new Rega 303/330 arm tube casting and arm lift, Audiomods alloy arm rest, stainless steel vta lock and variable mass counterweight.

Included in the kit are all the parts needed to complete the arm and all that is needed is to add wiring. There is a wide choice of wiring options, from the kits sold for RB series arms or your own solution from any quality tonearm wire. The kits include a "wiring accessory pack" with base and headhsell grommets, clear and coloured heatshrink, solder and guide wires to help with diy wiring.

To build the kit you will need access to some basic power tools for finishing and drilling the bare arm tube, simple hand toools for assembly and some practice with soldering the fine signal wires.

The kit comes with complete build and setup instructions and a drilling template. Each kit is built to order with a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

Download details as pdf

Arm kit build instuctions

An owner's arm build story

Arm kit build in pictures




Micrometer version

Adds the latest micrometer assembly from the Series Five arms,
for calbrated, repeatable VTA settings.
Complete arm kit, £385



Standard kit II


Micrometer kit II


Stainless steel counterweight £20
Headshell shim kit £20

Delivery charge: UK £10, Europe £18, Rest of the World £24

Payment: by Paypal, sterling cheque or credit/debit card when the arm is ready to ship.

No deposit needed.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Email your enquiry to
to have an arm custom built to your specification. We can discuss your exact needs before confirming your order.




There have been many request about upgrades for the kits from the features of the finished arms, so a number of options are now available:

Stainless steel counterweight etc.
Replaces the polished brass finish £20

Headshell shims
For a perfect match to some moving coil cartridges you may want to add a headshell mass shim. Set of three shims, £20


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