DIY Rega arm conversion kits

Hand made to order featuring ceramic bearings and custom silver wiring. Built on an arm yoke and base machined from solid, these arms are the ultimate development of the Rega armtube casting.

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"one of the finest arms you can buy regardless of price"...
..."an arm that will outperform anything at remotely it's price level"...

This is audiophile heaven….
….an exciting prospect for people looking for close to super-arm sonic capabilities at an affordable price.


Best Tonearm under £1000

"The most dramatic Rega tonearm rebuild yet encountered sounds as good as it looks"

2009 Blue Note award winner - Analogue source


Technics SL1210 version
A version of the micrometer arm built into a Technics adapter plate. A drop-in replacement.

  • polished, drilled and cross-braced armtube
  • Split, adjustable bearing journals with ceramic bearings
  • Constrained layer damping counterweights
  • Micrometer vta option
  • Pure silver litz wiring

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Audiomods arms are a complete design, hand-built around the Rega arm tube casting. All are individually made to order.

The Series five arm uses the new generation 303 arm tube for the ultimate development of the Rega theme, whilst the Classic version offers truly unbeatable performance/price.

Both version have been reviewed aginst some of most exotic and expensive arms around.

Prices from the Classic at £455 to £795 for the micrometer Series Five

These DIY kits use the same parts as our complete arms and will transform a tired or broken Rega RB250, or start with a set of brand new factory components.

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rb250 conversion kit

Designed to be easily assembled without special tools or workshop skills, the kits enable you to build an arm with performance equal to some of the most exotic tonearms.

rb250 micrometer arm

  Audiomods arm resources
Service notes, arm identification, arm dimensions, owner manuals

Design philosophy
The backgound thinking behind the design elements and how the finished arm has evolved. (pdf)

Rega facts
Measurements, parts sources and take apart details

| Parts | Take apart | Dismantle base | Remove arm lift | Thread sizes | Mounting template | Wiring connections | Bearing details | Arm tubes | Theory |

Rega arm construction

Tonearm theory
A collection of technical papers to download

Number 26, one of the original "pre-commercial" builds.

Rebuilding and using the Pye HF25 amps.

With downloads for the HF 25 circuit diagram (schematic) and the original manual. Also the service notes for the rare PF 91 triode version.

November 2011

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